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Sales Leadership Coach

Why Should You Hire a Sales Leadership Coach?

  • You have no action plan for your team to achieve the sales target

  • You have no idea how to use sales motivation to encourage your team

  • You need a sales process map

  • Only 20% of your sales team is hitting quota

  • You are a brand new sales manager and need help getting started

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Why Choose Wesleyne As Your Sales Leadership Coach?


    Wesleyne is an avid explorer, relentless in pursuing truth.  She seeks to understand herself, others, her clients, and the world around her.  She engages you in this explorative journey. She uses curiosity to collect data, as well as form insights. Those discoveries become the basis for our ambitions, our relationships, and our work together.


    Wesleyne tells the truth.  She respects you enough to figure out a solution-focused method of telling it to you straight.  She hopes you’ll do the same for her. She believes that clarity is kindness. She chooses uncomfortable bravery over comfy avoidance each time.  She believes without candor, actual results are slow or occasionally impossible to accomplish.


    Wesleyne sees herself as your true partner – with each other and with all who come into contact with her brand.  She values teamwork and respects diverse opinions. Everyone involved has value to offer. She walks alongside you, inspiring, supporting, and challenging her clients to accomplish their best outcomes.


    Wesleyne Greer is in it for the win. She works with individuals who are similarly passionate.  Excellent results are her truest measuring stick. She helps her clients concisely define what being successful means for them, and dives into action to assist them in reaching success.  She celebrates success in all its forms and brings appreciation and joy into everything she does. 


sales coach

B2B Sales Strategy Expert

Small Business & Fortune 500 Clients


The Vice President of Sales recommended I work with Wesleyne. He is a very hard person to please, so I knew he recognized her value. She was able to help me cut my onboarding time from 9 months to 3 months for new sales representatives! Her coaching methods are effective. I am no longer a sales manager, I am a sales coach to my team. We went from being 30% below quota to consistently exceeding our monthly goals. 


Eric E.

Fortune 500 Sales Manager

Wesleyne understands sales techniques better than anyone I have ever encountered. She helped us fine tune our sales process so it was repeatable and effective. I would highly recommend her to anyone that has hit a plateau and they need help breaking

through it. 

Charles G.

Sales Manager Mid-Market Company

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