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Biotechnology Sales Teams

The importance of your industry has increased significantly over recent years. You now dominate the new drug pipeline as you strive to improve the health and lives of everyone around the planet. The industry is gaining momentum.

Advancements in biomedical science and increased innovation hold vast potential for the growth of the biotech market. From creating precise tools to detect disease to combatting everyday threats in the developing world, Biotech is an exciting space dedicated to improving people’s lives. 

You deliver exciting breakthroughs across a range of industries, including agriculture and disease control. If you are struggling to find and retain skilled salespeople who can thrive in your niche, dedicated sales training will help you build a team that will return results.


Equipping your sales team to succeed will mean ensuring they have the specific skills, strategies, tools, and best practices to move through each phase of their pursuit, from gaining access to conducting successful conversations that win and expand the business.

Your team needs a framework for reaching customers using marketing-approved messaging and savvy use of data to demonstrate their credibility and to initiate qualified business opportunities. They will require a more strategic approach that builds trust, demonstrates value to the customer, and creates a foundation to strengthen the relationship.

Challenges You Are Facing

Your sales team will get special skills to deal with pricing issues with prospects so you can stop forfeiting your hard-earned sales margins. They will learn numerous procedures to counter ploys to “squeeze” on price. They will know how to take advantage of their product or service’s strengths and shift customers from cost savings to embracing value.

Your sales team will not have to “jump through hoops” to deal with the increased government regulations and policy reforms that impact the functioning of all biotech companies. That will ensure that they maintain strong customer relationships. Sales training will demonstrate to your team how to identify their “sales champion” at each healthcare organization for which they do business. That will help to “weave through the maze” and avoid potential land mines (sales obstacles) that may be encountered during the selling process.

Medical device, pharmaceutical, and healthcare customers and prospects have little or no time to meet with sales reps. This is due to the fact that practices, institutions, and hospitals are rapidly updating and changing their policies to deal with the challenges of increased transparency. With great sales training, your team will know how to navigate the sales process maze. By asking smart, open-ended questions, combined with active listening, they will discover what the prospect is saying, and NOT saying. The training will teach them how to use the concept of change as a “selling advantage.” That’s where the customer sees the sales rep as a valued and trusted resource, making the customer’s life easier, more successful, and more profitable.

With greater emphasis on “value-based care,” healthcare providers, including hospitals and physicians, need to show and document ROI. Sales training will teach your sales reps a series of methods to justify their value-based solution to the customer so they can gain commitment. They will learn to provide proof to that customer why the solution will result in the lowest total “cost” of ownership and investment.

Leadership roles are in a state of continual change. Due to mergers, consolidations, and acquisitions, healthcare suppliers must gain and sustain C-suite executive access in order to strengthen customer relationships and to collaborate on a customer’s vision and strategy. Through engaging sales training, your sales reps will learn to gain the confidence to engage senior-level C-suite executives in order to position themselves as a strategic partner and not a simple “order-taker.” They will be able to pro-actively cultivate new relationships, create new opportunities, and stave off competitive threats.

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