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Enterprise B2B Sales

With your sales team facing an increasingly challenging selling environment, you need a B2B sales training program that will deliver results and increase revenue. To be successful in an increasingly complex and competitive business landscape, your salespeople must be able to consult with buyers and build value that aligns with their wants and needs.

Buyers are looking for more than a product or service. They will choose to do business with salespeople who understand their business and can offer strategic direction. 

According to Forrester, 63% of B2B purchases have more than four people involved, compared to just 47% in 2017. And they can include different buyer roles from multiple departments. What’s more, Gartner research suggests that B2B buyers spend only 17% of their considerable time meeting with potential suppliers. That gives sellers an extremely small window in which to make an impact.


The first step in improving your sales results is to determine the challenges that are holding your team back. Your business and selling environment are unique, and the way you approach them should be tailored to give you the biggest impact and greatest return on investment.

Work with a trusted sales development partner to identify the root cause of your sales performance issues. That will help you create solutions that will move the needle and result in increased sales.

Challenges You Are Facing

Your sales team will focus on selling solutions; not getting meetings. Tenacious competitors who fight to get into meetings do not always understand and solve the problems of a B2B prospect. With training, your salespeople will develop unique sales skills that are guaranteed to put the prospects’ needs ahead of their agenda. When your sales team is truly focused on the needs of prospects, they will be more fulfilled and your clients will feel less stress. Your B2B salespeople will partner with clients to solve the clients’ problems. The team approach will relieve all pressure and clients will be able to relax and listen to recommendations.

With a sales development program tailored specifically to your team’s capability level and roles, you will create a sales process that will make room for refinement and improvement. 

Your sales team will be equipped with a new approach to account management and B2B sales performance improvement. They will also be able to build contacts who typically won’t meet with sales representatives.

Your business development representatives will be able to thrive within the toughest challenges in B2B sales, helping them acquire new accounts.

Your new account managers will move beyond existing B2B relationships, sell the total solution, and be more strategic in their B2B connections.

Learn How To Get Your Team On The Right Track

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