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Authenticity in Marketing with Andrea Wolkofsky

Thank you for tuning into my podcast, “Snack Sized Sales,” where I focus on sharing three actionable tips on one topic that you use to transform sales. Today my guest is Andrea Wolkofsky with shyft digital and she will be speaking on authenticity in marketing. 

Andrea Wolkofsky is the co-owner of shyft digital – a social and digital strategy and consulting company in New Jersey. Shyft creates brand loyalty by helping marketers find their most authentic voice when talking to the customers they are trying to reach. With more than 20 years in the industry, Andrea has a keen sense of what business owners and marketers need for their businesses to thrive.  

On Today’s Episode of Snack Sized Sales:  


  • [0:01:31] Who Andrea is and how she helps businesses be authentic with their marketing. 
  • [0:06:02] Your message needs to resonate with the people who are hearing it. (Is it what you want to say to them; or is it what they want to hear?) 
  • [0:10:54] Your marketing assets need to be consistent – relevant – and focused. (Is your message clear; Is it consistent across all channels; Does it represent who you are as a business; Are you spending time on channels that align with your target audience?) 
  • [0:13:49] You don’t have to be everywhere (Just because there are 8 different social channels doesn’t mean they are all “right” for you; Find your niche and be the best there; Stand out from the crowd – differentiate yourself and fill the white space in your industry.) 


Andrea is happy to have a consult with any listener who feels they are struggling to find their authentic voice in their marketing efforts. She will do a deep dive of their current efforts and make strategic recommendations on ways to improve to strategies to implement. Please contact her through her email here. 


Connect with Andrea Wolkofsky: 


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