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Building a Strong Sales Team with Pete Tonsager

In this episode of the Science of Selling STEM, I’ll be sitting down with Pete Tonsager, the Director of Worldwide Sales at MGK, a company that develops and delivers innovative insect control products. The youngest of nine, Pete worked several jobs while putting himself through college. His early work involved working in a composite wood research laboratory which served as a springboard to his career as a sales manager in specialty chemicals and composite products. He is customer-focused and a value-obsessed director of sales. 

He has had notable success in devising, defining, and executing short and long-term strategies to amplify revenue, sales, and customer service. He has an excellent history in managing budgets and ensuring efficient usage of the budget with aim of cost minimization. He is adept at assessing customer requirements and exceeding expectations for maximum client satisfaction and success. Companies he’s made a positive impact at including Sumitomo Chemical, Donatelle Medical, Liberty Diversified Industries, and Rehau. You won’t wanna miss this episode as Pete shares his great sales and sales team management wisdom with us. Stay tuned! 

On Today’s Episode of the Science of Selling STEM:

  • Learning how to educate customers instead of selling them and making sure you deliver value (01:49)
  • Why delivering value has nothing to do with the product you’re selling (02:40)
  • How he coaches his sales team so they can keep performing at their best (05:06)
  • Role-playing 101: How to make your role-playing sessions better (06:36)
  • Giving the fresh sales talent the same type of support as the more seasoned salespeople (09:21)
  • Developing a culture of collaboration within a sales team (10:30)
  • The challenges they faced from going virtual since the pandemic began and how they tackled them (12:30)
  • Remarkable achievements in helping salespeople achieve great results (17:15)

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