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Building Great Relationships with Referral Partners with Justin Duplantis

In this episode of the Science of Selling STEM, I’ll be talking to Justin Duplantis, the director of Business Development for Bioinformatics CRO, a contract research company that serves the computational biology needs of biotechnology companies, with a focus on genomics. Justin Duplantis comes on to share how he started his career in retail sales and worked his way up to corporate-level management.

Justin is a talented recruiter and technical trainer with a proven record of sparking exponential growth and positioning companies for success. He is an Analytical chemist turned sales leader who graduated with an undergraduate degree in analytical chemistry from Louisiana state university. Justin has over 15 years of full-cycle project management experience working with Fortune 100 companies

On Today’s Episode of the Science of Selling STEM:

  • How he began his career to where he is now and his transition journey to something not chemistry related (01:33
  • Sales experience in the retail world and its relation to biotech (03:48)
  • Having relatability when approaching your customers in order to build rapport  (07:02)
  • His transition from analytical chemistry to retail sales and then to the bioinformatics world (07:50)
  • Pulling someone from outside the industry to bring diversity in perspective and thought (12:12)
  • Having a global perspective and creating relationships with referral partners (13:48)

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