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Building Strong Lead Generation and Sales Execution Infrastructure with John Adams

Thank you for tuning into my podcast, “Snack Sized Sales,” where I focus on sharing three actionable tips on one topic that you can use to transform your sales. Today, my guest is John Adams, the Senior Vice President at Growth Practice at Lean Focus LLC, a management consulting firm that helps businesses overcome their biggest challenges by transforming them for the better, and for the long-term. John will talk to us about the importance of building up an effective sales process and automating it with a CRM, and how to continuously improve the performance of our sales teams.

John is a driven and dynamic leader with diverse experience in general management, international operations, strategic marketing and sales, product development, and manufacturing. He has a proven track record of executive leadership in change management, P&L management, strategic planning, sales and marketing, product development, and operational excellence. His record of leadership has resulted in measurable benefits to companies. 

On Today’s Episode of Snack Sized Sales:

  • Focusing on customers first since he was a teenager (01:51)
  • The first opportunity he got to learn about sales (03:06)
  • How he grew a business by 40% organically over 6 years by just implementing strong lead generation and sales execution infrastructure (04:38)
  • Using a CRM system only to automate an existing and effective sales process (07:24)
  • Some of the challenges he faced when he was a new sales manager (09:46)
  • Teamwork in dealing with quality issues that led to a client not succeeding (13:50)
  • Steps to take when trying to figure out why you’ve lost a deal (18:22)
  • Why articulating who your competitors are is critical (21:47)
  • Excelling in sales leadership through constant engagement and feedback with the sales team (23:17)

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