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Continuous Learning, Grit and Authenticity with Kristin Shunk

In this episode of the Science of Selling STEM, I’ll be talking to Kristin Shunk, the Senior Director of Sales at Hyperfine, a company whose mission is to make MRI accessible to every patient, regardless of income or resources. Their Swoop® Portable MR Imaging System™ addresses the limitations of current imaging technologies. Swoop wheels directly to a patient’s bedside, where it plugs into a standard electrical outlet and uses an Apple iPad® for control. Images display within minutes, enabling critical decision-making capabilities across various clinical settings such as neurointensive care units, emergency departments, pediatrics, and more. 

Kristin is a transformative leader whose career spans startup, midsized, and large medical device businesses that specialize in general neurosurgery, neurology, epilepsy, neuro-oncology, functional neurosurgery, spine, and neurocritical care management. She specializes in building high-performance teams and developing effective commercial strategies. She’s passionately committed to improving patients’ lives by offering game-changing, disruptive medical technologies. Kristin believes that transformative medical devices in the hands of physicians can change the lives of many and she certainly makes that happen in a big way. Stay tuned as she shares how she has built such an incredible sales career and the tips and strategies we can use to achieve the same.

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On Today’s Episode of the Science of Selling STEM:

  • Her leadership experiences working for startup, midsized, and large corporations (02:24)
  • The core competencies to keep in place as a leader no matter the dynamic environment you’re working in (04:55)
  • Finding the WHY: Making sure sales is about serving and helping people (08:28)
  • Getting into medical device sales even before it was even a thing (09:48)
  • Transitioning from the operating room into companies doing cutting-edge work (13:42)
  • Challenges associated with learning new technologies and building sales teams around them (16:57)
  • Why hiring salespeople who have grit and authenticity is important (18:22)
  • Coaching salespeople to be the best according to their specific skill sets (21:41)
  • Building a team of excellence and the excitement of scaling their business (25:02)
  • Being proud of her accomplishments as a leader in the medical device industry (28:34)

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