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How to Achieve 3x Sales Growth Within 18 Months with Chris Rombach

In this episode of the Science of Selling STEM, I’ll be sitting down with Chris Rombach, the VP of Sales and Marketing at Asahi Kasei Bioprocess America, a leading developer of systems for pharmaceutical manufacturing and bioprocessing applications. Chris has held various leadership and sales management roles in leading B2B companies providing processing equipment to the Bio-Pharmaceutical industry through his 30-year career. 

He offers solutions that unlock efficiencies, improve safety and drive productivity in drug manufacturing. He will highlight the value of continuous learning in sales and talk about why a salesperson must first learn everything about the product they want to sell before they start selling it. He will also teach us what it really takes to kill it in technical sales so make sure you stay tuned and take notes. See you on the inside! 

On Today’s Episode of the Science of Selling STEM:

  • How getting into sales at a young age led him into Bio-Pharmaceutical system and equipment sales (01:07)
  • The satisfaction of selling practical solutions to common problems that pharmaceutical companies have (03:45)
  • Being promoted to a sales manager role and what the experience was like (07:35)
  • Understanding your sales team and build trust with them so you can help them succeed (08:41)
  • Why educating customers about the product you sell is very critical in the sales process (09:45)
  • Taking a greater level of professional management into Asahi Kasei Bioprocess America and the autonomy that comes with it (11:24)
  • Learning to listen and learn before making any sales moves (15:25)
  • Planning and prioritizing ideas and activities within a sales team (18:54)
  • How to drive behavior to get the desired sales results (21:26)
  • Re-implementing Salesforce to make their business more predictable and growing the business 299.6% (24:08)
  • Success derived from multiple people pulling and pushing in the same direction (26:55)
  • Understanding CRMs and how you want to use them before choosing the one to implement (30:06)

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