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How to Become a Negotiation Ninja with Mark Raffan

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  • [01:17] – Starting out in sales, getting into procurement, and ending up as the Negotiations Ninja.
  • [03:25] – Behind the scenes in every procurement department.
  • [08:39] – How he started enjoying his position in procurement.
  • [12:24] – The value of implementing category strategies in your procurement team.
  • [14:18] – Why it’s important for salespeople to identify all influencers of purchase decisions.
  • [20:02] – Advantages of taking time to learn from your customers how their procurement processes work.
  • [21:34] – Turning his disenchantment with the corporate world into a successful entrepreneurial career.
  • [26:27] – Negotiations Ninja: Teaching sales teams and procurement teams how to negotiate.

In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I had a chat with Mark Raffan, the Founder and CEO of Negotiations Ninja, a world-class negotiation training tailored to your needs. Mark is an entrepreneur, sales, and procurement veteran, podcast host, speaker, and recognized negotiation expert. He has led C-Suite negotiations for many years for a variety of companies and industries. Now running his own negotiations training company, Mark utilizes his extensive speaking experience to deliver engaging, usable and market-relevant training to an underserved market. 

He is the co-host of two incredible podcasts Negotiations Ninja Podcast (one of the top negotiations podcasts in the world) and Content Callout (about B2B content marketing). Mark is an expert in influence, persuasion, and negotiation and has coached executives and teams in some of the largest companies in the world, he has been referenced in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Thrive Global, and many other publications. He shared his expertise on how salespeople can win more sales by relating better with procurement teams, identifying all the purchasing influencers in an organization beforehand, and much more. He also talked about the factors of success in sales leadership and entrepreneurship. Don’t miss out.


“Your ability to understand the stakeholders that affect and are affected by the sale are very very important” – Mark Raffan

“The single biggest mistake that most salespeople make is that they think it’s a one-to-one sale. And it’s not a one-to-one sale, it’s a one-to-many sale” – Mark Raffan

“Empathy is so critical to the sales process and the procurement process” – Mark Raffan

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