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How to Win in Technical Sales with Andy Reimink

In this episode of the Science of Selling STEM, I’ll be having a chat with Andy Reimink, the CEO at HOH Water Technology, Inc., a third-generation family business serving customers in the industrial water treatment space. He is a strong sales professional with skills in customer relationship management, negotiation, budgeting, and water treatment. Andy will share his extensive sales wisdom and teach us how we can thrive as sales managers at different levels of the corporate ladder.

On Today’s Episode of the Science of Selling STEM:

  • The HOH Water backstory: What the US Navy had to do with the foundation of the company (01:48)
  • What it was like to be interviewed by his own father-in-law and how he worked his way up to CEO (04:00)
  • Intricacies of STEM sales and why starting from the bottom is a good way to take someone into sales (06:04)
  • His professional journey from salesperson to sales leader (09:37)
  • The challenges he experienced being a brand new sales manager that took over an existing sales team (10:52)
  • From managing a sales team to taking on an individual contributor role (14:15)
  • How he balances holding two executive roles simultaneously (15:55)
  • Bottom-Up: The core thing on the sales manager’s mind (20:00)

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