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How You Can Strike Gold in Sales Easy with Jon Ferrara

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In today’s episode of the Science of Selling STEM, I had a chat with Jon Ferrara, the Founder, and CEO of Nimble, a social sales and marketing CRM company. He is a SaaS entrepreneur and CRM pioneer. He’s mostly known for founding one of the first CRMs, GoldMine, in the 1990s. In 2010, he re-imagined CRM by building Nimble. John’s core values are building products that help others achieve their passion, plan, and purpose, and what drives his success.

We will discuss how CRMs started and how to get usability and usage. Jon will then teach us how to sell and where to start with our selling. He will share how a big personal challenge he faced after selling GoldMine (His previous company) changed his life forever. And he will explain how Nimble is more than just another CRM solution. Enjoy!


  • Starting out his career on the shoulders of giants.
  • Dealing with the CRM challenges that salespeople face and where Nimble comes in.
  • How to go about effectively enabling your salespeople.
  • Selling GoldMine and taking a 10-year hiatus before starting Nimble.
  • Why empathy is important in sales leadership.
  • The diverse experiences that made Nimble the amazing CRM that it is today.
  • His pride and passion for family and helping people.


“People don’t buy great products, they buy better versions of themselves” – Jon Ferrara

“If you lead with empathy then you’re really leading with listening, and a desire to understand the people that you’re interacting with, and how you can serve them” – Jon Ferrara

“If you really truly get in the trenches with your team, with your customers, and understand their plight, and adjust what you’re doing with each of them in an individualized way, that resonates with people” – Jon Ferrara

“Leading your sales team with empathy really helps for you to better understand the constituency around them, to serve them better, and to produce more” – Jon Ferrara

“The best product comes from your own need, because you’re passionate about it and you understand the problem” – Jon Ferrara

Learn More About Jon in the Links Below:

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonvferrara/

Email – [email protected]

Website – https://www.nimble.com/

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