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Killing it as a Woman in Sales Leadership with Jennifer Lauria Clark

In this episode of The Science of Selling STEM, I’ll be sitting down with Jennifer Lauria Clark, CPIP. Jennifer is the Vice-President of Sales and Account Relationship Management for CAI, where she is responsible for business development project engineering, commissioning and qualification planning, protocol development and execution, project startup, and coordination, among other duties. She has 18 years of experience in the regulated industry. She held positions as a consultant, where she provided services for MERCK, GSK, Biogen, and others.

Previously, she held positions at Yonkers Industries where she provided services for Merck, BD, GSK, Biogen, and others. Jennifer Lauria Clark has been a Member of ISPE for more than 19 years and is actively involved in the Society’s local and international activities. She is the Past President of the ISPE CaSA Chapter, is a member and Past Chair of ISPE’s Emerging Leaders Committee, and is a past member of ISPE’s Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee. Currently, Jennifer Lauria Clark is the Chair of the International Women in Pharma team and is the chair of the 2020 Annual Meeting Planning Committee.

She has a degree in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University and earned her CPIP designation in 2012. She is also currently working on her MBA from NC State Jenkins School of Management. Jennifer is passionate about people and enjoys spending time getting to know individuals and helping solve their problems. Tune in as she shares her experience and wisdom as a woman in sales who leads an entire sales organization, and keeps killing it year in year.

On Today’s Episode of the Science of Selling STEM:

  • Her indoctrination into the pharmaceutical/biotech industry from a young age (01:52)
  • The journey from individual contributor to vice-president of sales (04:23)
  • How the dynamic of two women running the sales organization in a very technical company was like (06:42)
  • Why women in sales should soften the approach by standing their ground (08:25)
  • Applying active listening and empathy in collaborating with clients to create the best solutions for them (13:15)
  • Moments that had her doubting whether she wanted to be in sales (15:09)
  • Making sure you take some time out for yourself so you can perform better (18:00)
  • Learning how to work smarter not harder, and how powerful it’s been (19:52)
  • Implementing a new employee orientation to better sell solutions to clients (24:00)
  • Taking pride in helping create a marketing and sales organization in a company that didn’t think they needed it (26:27)
  • Achieving great success in sales from being genuine (29:01)

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