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Leveraging Mindset Plus Sales Skill Set with Yinka Ewuola

In this episode of the Science of Selling STEM, I’ll be talking to Yinka Ewuola, the Founder of Calla Success Systems and the creator of the FAB and FEARless BoostCamp. Yinka is also an international women’s business coach, consultant, speaker, business and asset strategist, systems savant, a former investment banker, and founding member of UK Black Tech. She focuses on systems and leverage to ensure that the habits, environments, and processes in women’s lives and businesses support their deepest hopes, wildest dreams, and enable them to define success on their own terms.

Passionate about the holistic approach to improvement and success, she enjoys working with women looking to build businesses that play to their strengths, nourishes their souls, and also works around their busy and fulfilling lives, those not willing to settle for less. Yinka has a proven track record of developing bespoke solutions for women in leadership and has supported many through their journeys in business, education, and the charitable sectors. Join us as Yinka teaches us how combining our skills in sales with a strong mindset can help us thrive in our sales careers, and so much more.

On Today’s Episode of the Science of Selling STEM:

  • How she discovered the challenges that women in business face and became passionate about changing the narrative (02:21)
  • Going into investment banking to learn about money (04:49)
  • Why money is a great way for salespeople to keep score (07:21)
  • Choosing to leave the corporate world to jump into business (09:42)
  • The importance of every business owner having the need to sell (11:28)
  • Getting over her introverted nature so she could go out and start selling (12:31)
  • Helping women overcome self-limiting beliefs so they can be confident enough to sell themselves and their products (18:41)
  • Fearing less when you’re starting out in sales (23:04)
  • Undercharging: One of the chronic problems that face women in business (25:00)

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