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Modern Day Sales Success Strategies with Gene Plotkin

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  • What 16 years of holding about every single type of revenue driving role looks like (00:40)
  • How he knew he had what it took to be a sales leader (03:31)
  • Why every salesperson has to have a self care practice (06:47)
  • Indicators that helped him determine whether he needed to make a career change (08:17)
  • Going from customer success individual contributor to sales leader (14:12)
  • Telling if an individual contributor is ready for a leadership role (19:09)
  • Modern day recruitment, retention, and team success strategies for sales organizations (22:32)
  • Being accommodating as a sales leader while also keeping things in line with your organization’s overall culture (28:14)

In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I sat down with Gene Plotkin, the VP of Corporate Sales at Mimeo, a company that provides the fastest, easiest, most reliable way to manage and distribute their content. Mimeo brings customers’ content to life through print and digital formats via its enterprise app suite and global print production facilities. Founded in 1999 as a startup, Mimeo has grown into a global organization, distributing content to customers in over 140 countries. 

Over the last 16 years, Gene has held about every single type of revenue driving role as both an individual contributor and a leader at companies ranging from early stage startups to global enterprises. “To succeed in your sales career, you must do what comes naturally and focus on that”, he says. He will talk to us about how he managed to deal with burnout, why he decided to make a big career change, the value of working in customer success, how he has always been able to set himself up for promotions at a fast pace, why a salesperson being a top performer doesn’t always mean they have what it takes to lead a team, and so much more. Stay tuned for that and more.


“Customer success is very much sales. It’s just the context of how you go about that is different” – Gene Plotkin

“Just because it seems like there’s more prestige at the top does not actually mean that that’s what you would be happier doing” – Gene Plotkin

“The individual contributor does not automatically make a good leader” – Gene Plotkin

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