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Perfecting Your B2B Sales Skills with Shawanda Roberts

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  • B2C to B2B: Her journey in the sales profession (01:06)
  • How to be a strong salesperson and sales leader (03:23)
  • The power of sales + customer service (05:34)
  • Trainee to Manager: How she ended up managing the people who trained her (09:44)
  • Building a successful B2B sales team by focusing on the three Is (12:21)
  • Emphasizing more on people development versus the KPIs and metrics (17:13)
  • Why companies must stop promoting individual contributors into management roles without developing them (24:45)
  • Achieving 130% of your target by growing and developing your top salespeople (27:55)
  • Inspiring other saleswomen by telling her story in the Heels to Deals book (34:59)

In this episode of the Science of Selling STEM, I will have a chat with Shawanda Roberts, the Vice-President of Sales at Frost & Sullivan and one of the co-authors of the Heels to Deals book. She’s an individual contributor and leads a team of talented sales professionals who work to help clients identify, prioritize and implement growth opportunities through research and advisory services.

Along with work and family commitments, Shawanda devotes her time, energy, and passion to outside organizations with a mix of industry and community involvement, where she has several leadership positions. She’s known by others for her passion and being a leader of connection and conviction. She will share her very inspiring journey into sales and give us some incredibly valuable strategies we can employ to succeed in B2B sales. We will also talk about how powerful it is for companies to invest in their salespeople, why there needs to be more diversity in sales, and so much more. Enjoy!


“Too many of us as salespeople just jump right on in with the product and solution, and we don’t hear anything about what the real challenge is” – Shawanda Roberts

“Listening is the key to make sure that you’re gonna bring the right value and the right product or solution to the customer” – Shawanda Roberts

“Get the professional development you need to strengthen those weakening areas that you have or just learn new skillsets” – Shawanda Roberts

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