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Problem Solving Sales with Alexis Scott

In this episode of the Science of Selling STEM, I had a chat with Alexis Scott, the Partnerships Manager at Aspireship, an industry recognized reskilling and job placement platform that helps you pivot your career into SaaS sales. Alexis is a well-rounded sales leader with a diverse background of industry experience, from hospitality to technology. She has adapted and grown throughout her career. Her passion for building relationships and dynamic organizations, and her experience building sales teams makes her a powerhouse in the development of employer partnerships. 

The partnerships she builds with dynamic technology companies facilitates the hiring of Aspireship graduates and  individuals looking to start careers in software sales. Alexis has amazing views regarding sales, self-awareness, and the difference between being picky or particular. She will share all that and more in this episode. You won’t wanna miss out on the juicy sales tips she will share. Stay tuned.

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On Today’s Episode of the Science of Selling STEM:

  • The journey from a beverage cart girl at a golf course to a sales leader (01:46)
  • How her combined experience in customer service, hospitality sales, and marketing helped her move up the ladder (04:28)
  • Ending up with a team of 70 under her leadership within a short time (07:50)
  • Moving from a solo salesperson to the leader of a team and managing to keep every team member productive (12:44)
  • The trauma of being let go out of the blue with her entire team including her boss (14:37)
  • Deciding to follow her passion after the job loss within a global pandemic that eliminated job opportunities (18:10)
  • A mindset game: The internal tug of war of sales every salesperson has (22:59)
  • Why salespeople should focus on asking questions and solving problems (27:16)
  • From a dark place to changing lives at Aspireship (31:27)

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