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The Psychology Secrets Behind the One Call Close with Alex Schlinsky


  • [00:59] – The happenstance that led him to his successful career and entrepreneurial journey.
  • [04:34] – Learning at a young age that sales exists in every area of our lives in different forms.
  • [11:39] – Why you have to apply the art of psychology in the way you approach sales.
  • [18:30] – Leveraging the tenets of psychology to become a strong sales leader.
  • [24:19] – A sales leadership principle to borrow from.
  • [26:11] – How Prospecting on Demand helps entrepreneurs build businesses that better facilitate their lives.
  • [32:00] – Incorporating impact into how you serve clients to build a strong business.

In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I had a chat with the Founder of Prospecting on Demand, Alex Schlinsky. People call Alex the Iron Man of marketing which has an insane story behind it (something to do with having open heart surgery at 29 and sounding like a human time bomb). He has sold $15 million worth of products and has worked with over 700 clients in 50 different markets including some of the world’s greatest brands, like the Miami Dolphins and the UFC. Like Tony Stark, he likes to play big and offers a 5X ROI guarantee to all his clients. 

Alex’s results are so astounding and life-changing that one of his clients even named their child after him. His agency has won multiple awards and is a sought-after expert, he has shared stages with major influencers including Daymond John. Naturally, understanding psychology plays a huge role in selling and recognizing the buyer’s brain. However, there are still many companies that never talk about it or teach it. 

Alex talked about why that is the case for many and how to build systems that can help you start implementing psychology for scale. He detailed his early experience with psychology and how he used the knowledge of the human brain in sales. He also shared his entrepreneurial and the lessons he has learned about how to achieve a fulfilling and happy life.


“The idea of transparency in sales is so missed consistently” – Alex Schlinsky

“Psychology is absolutely critical to understanding how people make decisions and decision making is how people actually pay you on sales calls” – Alex Schlinsky

“You can’t do better than your best. There’s no magical Harry Potter trick of sales psychology that gets someone to throw their credit card details at you” – Alex Schlinsky

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