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Using Your Backstory For Branding with Bryn Bonino

Thank you for tuning into my podcast, “Snack Sized Sales,” where I focus on sharing three actionable tips on one topic that you use to transform sales. Today my guest is Bryn Bonino of Backstory First who will share actionable strategies on how leaders should authentically brand their businesses using their backstory as a tool.  

Bryn Bonino works as a branding consultant for compassionate microbusinesses. She developed Backstory First, a 10-step methodology to brand businesses more effectively. This works because, no matter where you go, there you are. Bryn also helps her clients with a 7-part content marketing strategy that is rooted in human psychology. She’s developed these processes by combining her work as a professional ethnographer and her 10 years of experience in marketing. 


Bryn has been a guest on other podcasts, such as Business Networking as an INFJ, as well as Becoming Italian

On Today’s Episode of Snack Sized Sales: 


  • [0:01:19] Who Bryn is and how she helps leaders authentically brand their businesses using their backstory as a tool. 
  • [0:03:58] Use your own backstory as a branding tool: (1) Write down your strongest life memories – as many as you can, (2) Turn any negative memories into positive life lessons and analyze all stories for philosophical world values, (3) Leverage these life lessons and values into how you position your offers to your audience. 
  • [0:08:39] Write your content marketing to your customer journey: (1) Think of what will be going through your customer’s head when they are (a) problem unaware, (b) problem aware, (c) solution unaware, and (d) solution aware, (2) Think of the end goal that your business has (what want to sell and what image it will have), (3) Craft content (blog post, YouTube video, podcast episodes) that both speaks to the thoughts of the customer throughout the customer journey and that meets the goals of your business. This way your content will work to sell for you, and you’ll have to do the less heavy lifting. This way you will connect more authentically with your audience and you won’t have to convince them. They’ll want to work with you. 
  • [0:14:37] When you’re creating the content, whether it be your blog, your podcast, or your YouTube channel, make sure that you always have an angle in mind and make sure you’re tying content to what your client avatar is. 


  • Bryn’s Storytelling Jumpstart is a master class on the steps to get started using your backstory as a tool to authentically brand your business. You’ll also get a primer for how to use your story vignettes in all of your content marketing.  
  • Guests can also download her free guide on 21 Ways to Use Your Story in Marketing. 


Connect with Bryn Bonino: 



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