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Vulnerability in Sales Leadership with Natasha Hemmingway

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  • [01:07] – Journey to getting into her very unique brand of sales consultancy.
  • [04:19] – How her faith enabled her to navigate through great personal trauma while leading a sales team effectively.
  • [12:08] – Why women in leadership must learn to be more vulnerable.
  • [14:07] – Being a woman in the sales industry in corporate.
  • [17:49] – The emotional and psychological toll of being laid off and how she transitioned from corporate into entrepreneurship.
  • [21:59] – Heeding the call to go back to sales coaching after already building up another business.
  • [27:46] – Positively impacting business owners.

In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I had a chat with Natasha Hemmingway, the creator of Heart Not Hustle®️, a sales coaching firm founded with an aim to help corporations, start-ups, and entrepreneurs find and focus on the deeper meaning behind their business motivation and sales message. 

She’s a corporate, start-ups, and entrepreneurial-based sales consultant, coach and speaker. She helps corporations, start-ups, and entrepreneurs master their authentic sales process and sales strategy, achieve meaningful success and maximize their sales wins by bringing the Heart Not the Hustle®️. Natasha will share her inspirational journey from being a woman in corporate sales to diving into entrepreneurship, and the incredible challenges she had to overcome through it all.


“When you work hard to develop team culture, you have to reap the benefits of that when you also need it” – Natasha Hemmingway

“Sometimes we are just down there struggling to get out that undercurrent instead of just lifting our hand up and letting somebody help us” – Natasha Hemmingway

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