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Why You Need Data-Driven Sales Strategies with Liz Heiman

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  • Growing up in a sales environment and going from international political economist to sales professional to business owner (01:09)
  • Learning to lead teams and build a business from living and learning in Japan (04:09)
  • How to turn a business around from loss-making to consistent and long-term profit-making (07:25)
  • The importance of building your sales strategy around data (11:19)
  • Knowing your worth and when it’s time to leave a job that doesn’t align with your worth (14:22)
  • Major differences between sales and marketing (17:58)
  • Getting a direct ROI on your marketing efforts and how it affects your sales (21:09)
  • Why you cannot grow your sales without a strategy and the necessary processes to support it (25:15)
  • Getting recognition for her unique way of approaching sales (30:47)

In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I had a chat with Liz Heiman, a national sales expert and the Founder and CEO of Regarding Sales. Her firm focuses on building B2B operating systems that drive extraordinary growth. She uses strategy and process to create a roadmap for success that focuses clients on getting the results that they need. She is an experienced international political economist well-schooled in digging through data to interpret results. With her unique background, combined with her focus on strategy and process, Liz delivers clients concrete solutions for difficult sales problems.

Do you believe sales is predictable and manageable? Liz says it is. From a brief look across the sales landscape, it’s clear that the importance of a data-driven sales strategy is not understood. Liz believes that it’s a huge mistake for anyone to think that their sales team can just start calling leads and make sales. A plan is needed to be most effective. And she will lend her expertise in this eye-opening episode so you can learn how to go about that and so much more. Don’t miss out! 


“Activity without strategy and process is chaos” – Liz Heiman

“If you don’t want chaos, then you have to have a strategy and processes to support it. And many sales organizations do not have that” – Liz Heiman

“Sales is about individual engagement with people and helping them solve their individual problems. Marketing is about helping people identify me as a potential solution to their problem” – Liz Heiman

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