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Why You Need Solution-Centric Sales with Janice B Gordon

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  • How she got into sales at a very young age and her incredible sales journey to date (02:04)
  • Combining her love for relationships and her listening skills to kill it in sales (07:39)
  • Sales No-Nos: The mistakes that product-centric companies make (09:49)
  • Why you need to start recording your customer conversations (12:28)
  • Consistently closing more sales by always living in the buyer’s world (16:26)
  • The immense power of customer-centricity (23:20)
  • Going through a positively impactful trial by fire that helped her thrive personally and professionally (28:23)

In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I interviewed Janice B. Gordon, the founder of Scale Your Sales Podcast and framework. Janice is a consultant, international speaker, educator, and facilitator. She’s a customer growth expert and top 50 global thought leader and influencer on customer experience. Janice is multi-award-winning and listed #25 of the Top 100 Global Business Influencer 2017, #4 Sales Guru 2020 and author of “Business Evolution: Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World” and co-author of “Heels to Deals: How Women are Dominating in Business to Business Sales”

She uses her 20+ years of business, sales, customer experience, and leadership to unleash hidden potential and accelerate revenue growth by investing in customer alignment and buyer engagement. “It’s not all about you. It’s all about your customers” says Janice. Join us as she shares her expertise on the nature of sales today, how to win and keep customers, what it takes to develop relationships, and so much more.


“The sales will happen if you have the right product for the right customer, and you create the right experience” – Janice B. Gordon

“Once you have the language of the customer, you have to go in and interpret how what you have in terms of product or service is going to help the customer to move forward” – Janice B. Gordon

“The sales industry we’ve been so arrogant to think that what we’ve got is the best and everyone is going to need it, but that’s not the case” – Janice B. Gordon

“People are solution-centric. They’re never product-centric” – Janice B. Gordon

“Women in sales are the highest achievers and performers, but we’ve got one side where women are great sellers and another side where there are so many barriers, so there is still a lot of work to be done” – Janice B Gordon

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