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Why You Should Combine Philosophy and Execution in Sales with Ronnell Richards

In this episode of the Science of Selling STEM, I had a chat with Ronnell Richards, the Founder of Business & Bourbon, a platform dedicated to helping people do business better. Ronnell has built a career out of creating businesses and developing sales professionals into high-level performers. He’s taught individuals how to feel part of a team and perform better as a result. He successfully strategized with both small and large businesses to take their progress to the next level. This has given him a unique perspective on success that he brings to every aspect of his life. 

As an award-winning entrepreneur, Ronnell knows what it takes to aim high and hit even higher. Within ten minutes of listening to Ronnell, you’ll see why he’s been so successful as a sales coach, entrepreneur, business coach, speaker, and trainer. He and I discussed how his parents instilled in him the values that made him a success in sales and entrepreneurship at a young age, why philosophy is important in sales, what effective sales leadership looks like, and so much more. Get ready for the sales development training of a lifetime in this 42-minute episode.

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On Today’s Episode of the Science of Selling STEM:

  • How his upbringing equipped him for a long and successful sales and entrepreneurship career (01:59)
  • Shut the Hell Up and Sell: Philosophy + Execution in Sales (10:05)
  • Why you need to learn how to build a connection in a short period of time (16:00)
  • Disrupting an improperly built system that programs salespeople to be too product-focused (20:41)
  • How to help your sales managers consistently lead their teams to success (25:17)
  • Business and Bourbon: Creating an environment that’s conducive to building relationships and connection (30:24)
  • Everything he’s most grateful for (36:43)

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