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Sales Team Evaluation

While it’s true that sales are largely results-driven, you must also take the sales process into account when evaluating your team. After all, that process is directly related to your team’s results.

If they are not getting good results, they may be suffering from a process that does not work. To combat this issue, analyze the way your salespeople execute each step of the sales process from start to finish.

Pinpoint the steps that they struggle with the most and offer coaching on how to improve their performance during those steps.

The insights gained from the sales team evaluation helped us achieve 40% in growth year over year.


Ken, Founder, TurboPass

If you use a CRM tool in your sales department, you should have access to a range of information that will help you understand your team, including their sales goals and sales results.

Analyze this data to determine which areas your team might need to improve in and which of your salespeople may require extra coaching. When evaluating your salespeople this way, don’t get caught up in the numbers. It is important to communicate with them regularly so you can discover the process they use to achieve their results.


You should not just evaluate your current salespeople for best results, you need to evaluate each salesperson you consider hiring as well.

By doing so effectively, you can feel confident knowing that every salesperson you hire possesses the personality traits necessary to achieve high sales results. One of the best ways to do that is with a sales personality test. That will allow you to determine whether or not a candidate has these 3 non-teachable personality traits:

  • Need for Achievement
  • Competitiveness
  • Optimism

If the candidate does score high for those traits, it means that they are driven and there is a very good chance that they will succeed as a “Superstar” salesperson on your team.

Then interview them to make sure they are a good cultural fit and make an informed decision about hiring.

Typical Sales Team Composition

Why Is Half Of Your Team Not Hitting Quota?

Ask yourself these questions to find out why

  • Is the problem with the salespeople or sales leadership?
  • Are your salespeople in the right roles?
  • What are their current sales skills and capabilities?
  • What’s in their Sales DNA that may be holding them back?
  • What self-limiting beliefs are hindering their performance?
  • Are your sales managers leading or managing?

Perform An MRI Of Your Sales Team

Measure several components that make up the success or failure of your salespeople and sales managers and show you exactly how to correct it.

You’ll get answers to every tough question about your sales team. Identify where improvements can be made in your sales, onboarding, and hiring processes.

Identify salespeople who may be in the wrong role or position and which ones can execute your strategies moving forward.

Why Should You Evaluate Your Sales Team?

The evaluation process, starting with Team Assessment, helps you define your current reality and your ideal benchmarks for top performance. With this information, we can help you identify gaps in your team’s current behavior, attitude, and techniques, and develop a customized training plan to close those gaps. The Team Assessment provides a deep dive look at the way your sales team works. It examines your management strategies and pinpoints areas for training.

  • Determine if they can generate more new business
  • Find out whether your systems and processes are optimized for success
  • Determine if you are finding, hiring, and onboarding new salespeople correctly
  • Define whether you have a culture that supports coaching
  • Identify if your team can produce more revenue, and exactly how much more
Learn How To Get Your Team On The Right Track

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