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As a sales manager, fully understanding the dynamics of your team and your sales process is the key to success. Let me help guide you through this complicated web so every sales person on your team hits their quota every month.

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Sales Management Coaching 

Many superstar sales people have been promoted to sales manager and do not have a sales management framework. Attending courses for sales managers gives you a broad overview, but to be successful you need a more in depth understanding of sales management principles. We will work together so you can make strides at turning everyone on your team into a sale superstar. 

Sales Process Development

As a sales manager you know you need a sales process template, but you don't know where to start. I will work alongside you to develop a sales process flowchart that can be handed to sales people on day one. We will transform your sale by ensuring they are process driven not people driven 

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sales performance evaluation

Sales Performance Evaluation

Most sales leaders realize that in order to differentiate their companies from competitors, they must utilize a consultative approach to selling.  Most salespeople aren’t very effective at selling consultatively.  As a matter of fact, data from Objective Management Group (OMG), which has evaluated more than 2 million salespeople from more than 30,000 companies, shows that salespeople score an average of just 43% on the Consultative Seller competency.  That’s one of 21 Sales Core Competencies measured.  To truly understand your sales team's performance, see scores on all 21 Sales Core Competencies and how your sales force compares to others in your industry and to companies in general.

Not sure where to start?

Do you know you or a sales manager on your team needs help, but you are unsure where to start? Book a free consultation with me today.

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